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Photographic studio sets to show off a product range have been the norm for many years. However, setting up a studio environment can be a slow and costly process, only to be dismantled at the end and in most cases, never re-used. In our world of ‘green’ methodologies, is this truly the most environmentally friendly option?

CGIs (Computer Generated Images) can be used to the same effect, creating digital studio sets beyond your imagination to promote a product range. Whether that be a kitchen in an eco-mansion overlooking a rainforest, or an outdoor bathroom on a desert island. Being able to create a digital vision at the fraction of the cost of a physical studio set and also in less time is surely an attractive proposition.

The benefits don’t stop there. If you had a series of colour variations of the same product and wanted to show them all in an identical studio set environment; for a kitchen, that would mean changing at least the door fronts and maybe the carcasses – again a slow and costly procedure. The CGI workflow can alter the colour literally within seconds, providing a completely different look. Furthermore, there is the ability to quickly swap out dressing, ironmongery, etc… at a fraction of the time compared to real-world situations.

It is known that IKEA has long been using CGIs to promote their product range – you probably didn’t even know a large number of their marketing images were 100% digitally made. They are able to swap out kitchen white goods per geographical location to suit their respective markets with little effort and minimal cost.

So, if you have marketing images produced for online purposes and/or physical material – brochures/flyers and want your potential clients to see your product range in a lifestyle you believe they should be, let us know and we can start discussing how to showcase your products in the best possible way!